About Us

Our Key Ingredient
Is Just The Simple Desire
For Health And Wellness

After retirement from farming, and having dealt with some personal health issues that nothing seemed to help with until alternative natural health products came to the rescue. Ross and Jolynn Gienger did not want to sit idle. They became driven to spread the news that there is some good things coming from alternative health products. Preventive measures can be taken by a healthy diet.

Jolynn said, "I don't buy bottled water, I haven't had a pop for four years. There's many, many things out there that are healthier to drink and that's what we're going to teach people."

Health To Go & H2O will be specializing in a large variety of products that the local grocery stores will not have. Besides natural foods, they will be offering a large variety of vitamins, supplements, Essential Oils, bath materials, water ionizers, and air purification products.

One of the things many people are demanding is "gluten-free", and Health To Go & H2O will keep the necessary products on their shelves to help make that possible.

Everything from candy, snacks, frozen foods, and dried fruit chips will be available to help supplement your daily diet with healthy food choices.

Locally owned, right here in Jamestown, North Dakota!

Come Visit Our Store,
And See The Many Options
For Your Better Health!

New Addition: In 2016 Health to Go & H2O now proudly added a healthy lunch/snack Honey Jar Bar with a snack lounge area. Come and try out this healthy alternative for your daily munch time!

Health To Go & H2O will also have Mika Thorlakson as a chiropractor in the building.

"This is my dream coming through." said Jolynn Gienger, who co-owns Health To Go & H2O with her husband Ross.

Jolynn is an advocate of Healthy Eating

Jolynn said: "I like to help people."